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PrimeWire Alternatives: PrimeWire Website is a great entertaining platform which allows you to stream movies directly to your Smartphone or computer. It is a very popular service which provides a ton of movies from a lot of hosting websites which you can enjoy sitting on your couch and enjoy.

PrimeWire is mainly used for watching latest movies and also stream old movies. It’s similar to Putlocker, FMovies, Vumoo and other streaming services that provide Entertainment. However, Primewire is blocked in many countries for hosting illegal and copyrighted content. If this is the case in your area, you can easily access sites like PrimeWire from the below list.

What is PrimeWire?

Primewire alternatives
Best alternatives to primewire

The best part about is that It is absolutely free. You do not have to pay a single penny to buy any subscription. To enjoy movies through it, all you need is a proper internet connection. There is no doubt that is the best movie streaming platform but there are tons of other platforms too so we will be taking a look at some of the best alternatives on which you enjoy watching movies flawlessly. So, let’s quickly get started.

PrimeWire Alternatives

Here are the Top 11 Alternatives to PrimeWire website to watch latest entertainment online. Use these PrimeWire alternatives to watch, download and stream latest Movies, TV Series online.

Note: We are not affiliated to PrimeWire and do not support online illegal streaming. This article only provides information on alternatives and please be aware as your Internet IP address may be tracked while using these services.


alternative primewire
  • Hubmovie.cc is one of the best alternatives that you can find on the internet. It allows you to watch movies in 720p without any kind of hassle. It is also the simplest way you can enjoy watching Movies because you don’t have to do any kind of formality in order to enjoy content from hubmovie.cc.
  • You don’t actually need an account to enjoy content from Hubmovie, you just need to visit the website and it will not ask to sign in or set up an account. You can just walk into the website and start exploring it.
  • Another great thing about this website is that it does not shows any kind of pop-ups so you enjoy watching movies without any kind of disturbance. Overall, you will feel free while enjoying content from this platform so it is a great pick.


alternative Primewire
Primewire li
  • Primewire.li is also another alternative. The name of both the websites is same. Primewire.li offers largest library of Movies. It is not only a streaming service but it also offers a number of other good things.
  • You can also watch the trailer of the movie directly through this website before actually watching the whole movie and you can also read reviews by others for this Movie.
  • Not only reviews and trailers but you can also get to know about the actors of the movie and about the whole database of any movie using primewire.li. It will give you the description of the movie so that you can get an idea about whether your type movie or not.
  • The user interface that Primewire.li offers is also pretty much similar to what offers. You can navigate between categories and find the content yourself or you can even search for any particular movie by typing its name in the top search bar.
  • These were some of the alternatives on which you can brewed movies sitting on your couch without any kind of hassle. You can access to any of the mentioned platform for absolutely free.
  • We will recommend you to try both the platforms and then select the one that you prefer more.


Who hasn’t heard of Putlocker, if you have prowled the internet looking to watch the latest movies on the cheap, chances are you have come across this website. And what did you find- a limitless collection of movies, tv shows and much more. Movies are sorted by a number of criteria such as genre, year etc. The movie titles are discernable and bringing your cursor near the title lets you see the most important info related to the movie. One drawback is the constant ads popping up all over your screen. As an alternative, it definitely gives Primewire a run for its money.


another great option for Primewire users. Featuring a large library of movies sorted by various criteria. It’s interface is simple to use and reminds you a bit of Netflix. Just clicking on the movie will give you a brief synopsis, the latest IMDB rating and the trailer. How about that? Go give Niter a try right now.


Another viable replacement for Primewire. Here you will find all the latest movies on the homepage itself. There is a snag however-with yts you can no longer watch the movie online you must download it. But hey this way you get to keep the movie for as long as you want. And it saves you the trouble of looking for movie links if you want to watch it again. We are sold.


A great alternative to Primewire for those who prefer a simple layout. Users can search through its database featuring thousands of movies by typing in the title, keywords, or searching by genre, year or country. Just like PrimeWire, 123Movies also boasts a sizable number of TV shows. Official IMDB ratings are also displayed just like they are on PrimeWire.


Another solid substitute for Primewire.  Movies here are available in high-quality and much like on PrimeWire, there are a number of external links provided one of them doesn’t work. Another feature that makes it stand out and is the option to download movies with a single click that too in a variety of formats (FLV, 3GP, WMW, MP4, MOV). Although not one of the more popular online streaming sites, Coolmoviezone is definitely an up and comer.


is a well-designed online video streaming website with a huge library full of new movies and like PrimeWire it has TV shows and TV series as well. All its content is classified into 27 different genres, making searching more streamlined when compared to PrimeWire, but its database can also be explored by title, director or actor. Moreover, Afdah lets you search by language. Not even Primewire has this feature. Afdah also has superb user support. If a film with a broken link comes your way, you can report it, and the operators will endeavor to fix it at the earliest possible moment. As far as Primewire alternatives go, this one is a winner.


The main page is easy to navigate, which makes finding the desired movie all the more easier. All movies come in HD. You have to click the video three times for the movie to finally load. It is well worth the wait though, the loading speed of the video is very pleasing. Usually, in such websites, you have to wait for a while before the loading begins. It is enough to try one’s patience. Vmovee is a solid contender as a Primewire alternative.


is a PrimeWire alternative that is aimed at those users who have come to the website knowing what they would like to watch.Vumoo’s movie collection is endless as is its TV show collection Here you will find all the episodes of your favorite show in one place and you will not have to shuttle back and forth between various online media streaming sites, trying out various links and praying that they work. This makes Vumoo a decent alternative to PrimeWire.


The idea behind the concept is that SnagFilm organizes its 5000 films into collections based on identical themes such as Refugee and Immigrant Stories, Veterans and the military, athletes and their triumphs. Regardless of the genre be it action or romance or political thriller, if the underlying theme is same it will group them together. Reminds you a bit of Netflix doesn’t it? Now if you like a movie you can watch others like it. Primewire definetly has some competition from this one.

Now all the alternatives mentioned above have strong credentials as Primewire alternatives. Most of them are plagued by ads however but keep in mind that foe such websites ads are necessary to survive. There are a few up and comers here too like Snag Films, Afdah etc but Putlocker has them all beat in terms of sheer content size. It is by far the best alternative to Primewire.

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