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WiziWig alternatives: There is no doubt that Wiziwig was the best website on which you could enjoy your favorite Sports live news and updates for free but sadly, it’s services are no more.  So, now you can’t enjoy reading Sports updates while sitting onto your couch through WiziWig but there is good news also which is that there are a lot of WiziWig alternatives available on the internet.

WiziWig is a Player management tool used for Sports like Football, Baseball, Handball, Basketball and many sports games. You can also watch Live Sports, Live TV, WiziWig Radio and use their own custom software on their panel. Today, we will be taking a look into some of the best alternatives to Wiziwig.

WiziWig Alternatives

Although, you will have to face advertisements on this website as there is no paid subscription. The thing which is not so good about this website is its user interface because it is not so good. It is easy to locate things on the website but it does not look professional and the layout is also up to the mark.

12th Player

12th Player is a great sports platform for you if you are a football fan as this streaming platform is dedicated to Football only so if you don’t like 12 players running behind a ball then maybe you can skip this one.  12th Player is an absolutely free platform on which you can stream Football news and you can even get to know that what is happening in the amazing world of Football.

VIP Leagues

VIP Leagues is the only website on our list on which you can enjoy reading updates on any game like football, table tennis, badminton, rugby etc. You can find news and updates for all these mentioned on this website. The website is completely free and It is a really good option if you want to get information about all the sports. Also, the User interface of this website is better than the previously mentioned.


CricFree is a great platform which is a very good option for cricket enthusiasts. It provides you with all the information about what’s happening in the world of Cricket. You can watch live match updates, scores and streaming announcements on this website.

WiziWig vs 12th Player vs CricFree

  • The user interface of CricFree is not that good. It is average just like the UI of 12th Player. The best part is that you can also stream cricket matches directly through this website but that service is not free and you have to buy the monthly subscription of this website to enjoy the streaming facility.
  • You don’t have to pay for the monthly subscription to enjoy the cricket news and updates. You will have to pay only for match streaming.
  • These were few alternatives to Wiziwig which you can use to get the news and the latest sports updates. You can access the website of any of these platforms without paying any kind of monthly fee.
  • With the help of these platforms, you can easily get to know about the Sports world while sitting onto your couch and having a sip of coffee.

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