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Craigslist issued a statement on the internet that it is authorising to pull its private segment in replying to Senate Bill HR 1865 which, says websites have being in charge of for illegal activities, build feasible because of their private segment. But the dearest Missed Connection Section is still not dead and is well, and has an original place in Craigslist’s community section.

Top 5 Craigslist Alternatives

The Craigslist feature which was one of its most helpful is its having section, which permits occupant to announce a post about opening of roomie, householder to announce the post about available dealings, passenger to announce the post about lease and etc. Craigslist can also be a place of finding jobs like a job hunters go-to career board, if you know where and how to search. From writing employment to medical convenience with each and everything, Craigslist throw a troupe of job listings.

1. Glassdoor


Glassdoor has a fascinating past, the site of the Glassdoor was discovered in 2008, after the CEO of Zillow unexpectedly dispatch a sheet of paper of his worker’s salaries to the community printer in place of his private one, with bringing out a question to ask  that : why everyone need to keep the information of salary secret? He proceeds his idea down to one of his previous employees who was working there, who then created the application glassdoor. It is one of the great company for searching job because well in making a list of job openings, the site permits you to strain into and out of reviews, will give you the better awareness of what the company customs of the job you are finding into is like, what is the maximum range of the salary should be ask for and if the employee who are working there is happy.

Operating system Android, iOS
Released 13 March, 2013
Developer Robert hohman, Rich Barton, Tim besse
Download 5Million+
Age guide 3+ only

2. Task Rabbit


From the time this app has been started in 2008, Task Rabbit has become very popular and became almost the second name with the expression “gig – economy”. The app and site, Task Rabbit is of the same platform that is it helps the people who are looking for the odd-jobs, in short it is the application form job searchers. Task Rabbit do two things, first it permits to the one who is finding the job, to which they call “Taskers” to create a profile listing hourly rate. Then the second thing it does is help to post a task request and permits clients who are searching for everything from helping making furniture to put in a restaurant reservation after waiting in the line.

Operating system Android, iOS
Released 23 April, 2018
Developer Leah Busque
Download 1k+
Age guide 3+ only

3. Moonlighting


Moonlighting is the site and application that also help in making connections of the one who is looking for the job that is job searchers to the clients just like Task Rabbit. But preferably than the full time jobs or complete tasks, Moonlighting more focus on longer term freelance jobs. The list of Moonlighting job starts from the designing of website to the wedding photography, which meaning is it does not matters that what is your speciality, it will give you the job that suits your skill.

Operating system Android, iOS
Release date 5 October, 2014
Developer Jeff tennery
Download 100k+
Age guide 3+

4. Upwork freelancer jobs


It is a great app where you can find your own personal clients to run and increase your business and projects of freelancing. You just need to give them your complete profile and then the application upwork will highlight the jobs which are suitable for you. Client there in the upwork app post jobs in a lot of skill categories for almost 100,and pay top price for the work. The more experience you have on projects, there more chance for you to get hired by the clients of upwork. The app upwork rate of money encourages the freelancers of the app for having the constant relationships with their client.

Operating system Android, iOS
Release date 15 April, 2019
Developer Beerud Sheth Srini Anumolu Sanjay Noronha
Download 100k+
Age guide 3+ only

5. Fiverr


Fiverr is an another freelancing site and app for freelancers. Here everyone work in synchronisation with the help of a shared dashboard which permit you to track the activity of your team. You will get whatever you need like quick reply time or upgraded support solution in any time.  There is a team in which one payment method is apply. You can add on the file a card so that it can be used by every member of the team.

Operating system Android, iOS
Release date 11 March, 2014
Developer Fiverr International Limited
Download 5 million+
Age guide 3+ only

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