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How to clean Panama Jack boots

If you want to learn how to clean Panama jack boots and make them look like new, you should follow our advice. There are several opinions that you can follow, but not all of them are effective. We are going to give you the best methods.

It is not always easy to keep footwear in good condition. It will always depend on several factors, the material, how dirty it may be, the time available.

All this influences, especially the material of the shoe when it is delicate. That’s why we want to show you how to clean Panama Jack boots .


What is panama jack boots?

The quality of Panama Jack boots is not in dispute. Since its foundation in 1989 the company offers quality footwear for both men and women.

Although we must recognize the high cost of footwear, but the quality and durability exceeds that detail of the cost.

The selection of the leather, the design and the elaboration of the Panama Jack are of the highest quality.

Every detail of its elaboration is meticulously taken care of until the final product is reached on its feet. But it is also true that they tend to get dirty easily, so we will teach you how to clean Panama Jack boots.

Many people stop wearing these great boots because they don’t know the correct way to clean them. Although it is not the idea to do this. It’s actually the wisest thing to do before doing something that causes permanent damage to them. Although leather is resistant, it is also true that it is delicate.

Now the action begins!

It is time to begin to explain how to clean Panama Jack boots by following these instructions. If your boots have been stored for a long time because you have not known how to clean them, it is time to take them out. So that you leave them as you bought them the first day.

If you want to buy some, but you fear that you do not know how to clean Panama Jack boots, these tips will help you. Conquer fear and buy your boots with the confidence that they will always be well clean if you follow these suggestions.

But it is the case that you keep some Jack boots and hardly use them for fear of stains. We encourage you to use them whenever you can because this way of how to clean Panama Jack boots is the safest. Now take note and follow these indications that will surely benefit you a lot.


Concrete steps how  to clean Jack Panama boots:


To better understand this process of how to clean Panama Jack boots, we will discuss it by following these specific steps. We are sure that this way it is easier to assimilate the explanation.


Step 1 Remove the dust

  • Take a soft bristle brush and scrub gently from top to bottom.
  • Always following the direction of the hair.
  • Try as much as possible to brush the entire surface of the boots so that no dust remains on them.
  • To better remove dust, you can remove the laces and insoles that are inside.
  • In this way you will have better access to all corners of the boots.

Step 2 Attack dirt

  • The best way to deal with the stubborn dirt in Jack boots. It is with the help of a microfiber cloth that it is slightly damp.
  • Once you have dampened the microfiber cloth, identify the places most affected by dirt.
  • Take the cloth and pass it all over the boot, make sure there is no place where the cloth passes.
  • If you don’t do it that way, you will most likely see the difference in the leather of the boots. You will be able to observe a part of one color and another of a different color.
  • Rub from top to bottom in the natural direction of the leather hair , emphasizing the dirtiest areas.

Step 3 Remove the most stuck dirt

  • To achieve this goal, you must prepare a mixture of soapy water . Remember that the soap has to be neutral.
  • Lightly dampen the microfiber cloth in the Jack Boot Cleaning Solution .
  • Squeeze the cloth a little before wiping it over the most compromised area of the boots.
  • Now scrub making circular movements especially on the compromised area.
  • Try not to put too much pressure on the boots so that the leather does not lose its original shape
  • Although as we mentioned a moment ago, you must wipe the entire surface of the boots.

Step 4 When rinsing

  • After you have removed any dirt and grime from the Jack boots, they should be rinsed.
  • To do this, take a dry and clean microfiber cloth .
  • Put the cloth into a chute of clean water and squeeze it out before running it over the Jack boots.
  • Then begin to gently wipe the entire boot to remove any remaining cleaning solution.
  • Make sure you do it evenly.

Step 5 When you put them to dry

  • Never leave Jack boots in the sun to dry. That will only cause the leather of the boots to suffer irreparable damage.
  • To achieve a perfect and proper drying, place them in a cool place , outdoors , but out of the sun.
  • The can leave several hours until complete drying.


Eliminate grease from your Panama Jack boots

When an accident occurs with grease, remember to act immediately so that it does not set on the leather . In this case, we refer to the different types of fats that can stain your Panama Jack boots. It may be food, lipstick, or vehicle grease.

In any of these cases, do not give up your boots . If you act promptly and apply this tip, it won’t show that your boots ever had a stain. Follow this recommendation to the letter.

Baking soda the specialist for grease stains

  • First of all, you should always remove the laces and insoles so that you can work better.
  • Then remove any sticky dirt and dust from the Jack boots.
  • Now spread an amount of baking soda that completely covers the grease stain.
  • You can wait up to half an hour for the baking soda to work on the stain and absorb the grease.
  • When that time has passed, take a spatula and remove the remains of the baking soda.
  • The remains of the grease stain will be exposed.
  • If necessary, prepare a mixture of neutral soap and water so that you can finish removing the stain.
  • With the help of a slightly moistened microfiber cloth, rub on the affected area. Until you achieve the results you want.


Pending when other liquids are spilled!

We talk about soft drinks, coffee or juices, things that happen very frequently wherever we are. Remember that the most important thing will always be to act quickly so that the liquid does not adhere to the leather.

White vinegar against spills

  • The first thing is to remove the laces and insoles to work more comfortable.
  • With a slightly damp cloth, remove dust and stubborn dirt.
  • Make a mixture that contains equal parts white vinegar and water.
  • Pour the prepared mixture over the place where the liquid that caused the stain fell.
  • Let it sit for 20 minutes, so the stain is softened by the action of the vinegar.
  • After that time, you can rub over the marked area with a clean, dry cloth .
  • Rub in a circular motion until the stain is so that none of the cleaning mixture is wasted, wipe it all over the surface of the boots.
  • This also helps to maintain the uniform skin color of the Panama Jack.


Avoid common mistakes when cleaning your Panama Jack


When stains appear on Panama Jack boots, many are quick to use any type of cleaner. They think that as long as the stain or embedded dirt goes away, “Whatever” can be used. However,  this is the first big mistake when looking for how to clean Panama Jack boots .

What is not known who uses all types of cleaners or multipurpose is that these can be very abrasive with the material . Using these cleaners for “Hardship” would end up damaging your footwear in the long run. Even now there is the possibility of staining, cracking or drying.


On the other hand, there are those who to hydrate these boots use horse fat without thinking twice. But is this always the solution? The great truth is that no. If the model is protected at the factory, it is not necessary for us to use horse fat . Although it is a valuable resource, it is not for all types of Panama Jack as it obscures them.


What can you do to avoid mistakes?

While it is true that these boots can be cleaned like any type of common boot (that is, not from this brand), it  is necessary to bear in mind what material they are made of.  This will allow you to avoid making mistakes when practicing cleaning Panama Jack boots.

Thus we will choose the special products for each type of boot as the case may be . For that reason, in this post we will be dealing with how to clean Panama Jack boots according to the type of material. You find many useful things with  house cleaning companies,  only they can help you have total hygiene in your home!


Tips to keep footwear in good condition

Above all, emphasize that you should always use quality footwear and avoid synthetic footwear as much as possible. In addition to the damage they can cause to your legs and feet , you will not be able to keep them for too many seasons.

  • Do not use the same footwear two days in a row , so that the shoe recovers its natural shape.
  • If they are NOT patent leather or glitter, remove the scratches with an eraser , and if they resist with a nail file.
  • Always keep footwear clean of superficial dust .
  • Do not abuse deep washes.
  • When they are damaged, sacrifice the color and restore them with nourishing creams or horse fat .
  • At the end of the season, store them in their box, ensuring that they do not deform , along with a bar of homemade or scented soap .


Is n’t it so difficult to clean Panama Jack boots of any brand or material? Well, you no longer have an excuse for not looking like you are wearing shoes every day.

Discover how to clean other types of things that you appreciate in this article.

As you can see cleaning Panama Jack boots, they are not a big problem. Moreover, any member of the family can do it without having any setback and it will surely be impeccable.

But there are things related to cleaning a home that not all family members can do. And they are things that cannot be postponed because cleaning cannot be postponed. This would only bring consequences and problems at home.

For those specific cases in which time or poor health prevents a good cleaning. Either at home or in the office , they can request the services of a cleaning company . It is the best way to deal with the limitations for deep cleaning of the home.

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