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LogMeIn Alternatives : Sadly, Logmein which is a remote access service is no longer available for free. Now, you will have to buy its subscription in order to use it.  Logmein allows its users to remotely access any other System or let someone remotely access your system to fix any problem. Logmein alternatives It is a very useful application but everyone do not have the money to buy a subscription of a digital application.

LogMeIn Alternatives

Logmein alternatives

Logmein alternatives, Since Logmein has became a paid application, a lot of users have stopped using it but there’s nothing to worry about as there are many free Logmein alternatives. Today, we will be taking a look at the best alternative to Logmein alternatives and we will talk about its features.


  • Teamviewer is a great to Logmein alternatives. It is a very popular remote access service with more than 1.7 Billion User Id’s. Also it is free for personal usage. Although, if you have a company then it will be a better option to buy its premium subscription.
  • Teamviewer is used by a lot of multinational companies. People like using because it provides a lot of great features to its users. 4,00,000+ users download teamviewer everyday just because they can access to anyone’s system remotely even if they are living far away from that person.

Let’s now talk about some of the features that TeamViewer offers

Remote Device Control- You can control both Android and windows devices through Teamviewer without any problem.

Cross Platform access- It supports Cross Platform access so it allows you to control a mobile device by a computer or even a computer by a mobile device. We have find this feature to be very useful.

Remote Printing- Another great feature about Teamviewer is that it allows the user to even print anything remotely.

4K Remote Desktop Access- You can even access any desktop in 4k but you will be needed a solid internet connection to perform this activity.

Easy User-Interface- The user interface of Teamviewer is very easy and clean. You can easily manage everything without any guidance. It is too simple yet attractive.

File Sharing- Another feature which we liked the most about the Teamviewer is the file sharing option where you can share files from your device to the other device and there are no size limits so you can share any type of file of any size from one device to the other by just remotely accessing it through Teamviewer

Time saving shortcuts- You can create shortcuts to enter different features of this application which can save your time. These were some of highlighting features of Teamviewer application and there is no doubt that this is one of the best alternatives to logmein which you can personally use for free.  When you access any computer by using Teamviewer, it just feels like you are controlling it by sitting in front of it.

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